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Varanasi holds unique identity because of its history, ancient architecture, social fabric, spiritual & religious practices, handloom, ‘Ghat’, etc. in contrary. There are endless possibilities for research and studies. However, this course aims to investigate the scope of design intervention in public places, streets and “Ghats” in Varanasi.

For pilgrims it is above all a universal, cosmic, and in a sense timeless sacred space, whereas, for locals it is the city with Narrow Street with space scarcity. On the other hand, Government always had different concerns about Varansi, associated to environment, sanitation and town planning. All these seemingly contrasting images contribute to how the city is experienced by its inhabitants, visitors and government agencies to it. And different stakeholders (actors) hold competing views and vision for Varanasi.

Challenge is to convert issues and vision of different stakeholders in design intervention, and how one can combine all these aspects and understand scope of intervention.
This program aims at three aspects,

1) Identify design intervention for public spaces/streets. Architects and planners challenge consist in how to mix historic cities with new society necessities. New generation must face current problems with a different point of view, using the progress of technologies and sciences, At the same time they must cover history, antropology and old society customs.

2) Understand limitation of governance policies and bureocracy proccesses. Research and design is important and the very beginning of any project, but is main concern how to adjust it into the current law, processes and real and specific world.

3) Identify the scope of design intervention and possible solution. End result will consist in a general work from all the students together. The general work is thought as an organized display which includes all the different possibilities of interventions, mental maps of several locations, masterplan and representation with different scales of reflection, possiblities of doing videos and images compilation, conceptual photomontages, etc.

This kaleidoscope will show the hierarchy of spaces and connections, the variety of uses and interventions, social circunstances, etc.

This course would allow participants to think beyond the scope as designer. It will help them to conceive entire approach with varying perception of professionals, entrepreneurs, tourist, locals, politicians, and bureaucrats.

Final output would be form of play/ drama, where participant would represent ideas, issues and understanding of final findings.

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